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April 2018 Update

Things are MOVING @ Markley Place. Updated April 2018 site photos. Call now!

December 2017 Updates

Within the next week, each of you will receive a copy of the electrical drawings for your unit for review and approval via email. Please print and sign a copy and return to us for our files.

By January 1st, the Selection Center will be complete with all choices. Phase I selections will be made between January 1st and March 1st. You will need to contact Lisa Birch at 704-562-4548 or AFTER January 1st to schedule your appointment. We want to have all selections complete by March 1st. We will not expect you to make all selections in one visit.

Phase I Selections include:
Cabinetry door style and finish
Tile (Kitchen back splash and bathrooms)
Plumbing fixtures

Phase II Selections include:
Hardwood floor finish
Cabinet Hardware

These selections will not be made until mid Summer. We will give you advance notice of when the appointments need to be set for Phase II.

Thanks so much and I will be sending pictures from the site next week.

November 2017 Updates

See pictures below of work that is in process on the site.

Approximately 250 truckloads of dirt were removed from the site to make room for our future garage. At 15 cubic yards per truckload that’s a whole lot of dirt!

Potholing was performed three days in a row in the street just in front of our site. Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities to ascertain their precise horizontal and vertical location. This is extremely critical for all utilities but especially so since it was determined there is a massive fiber optic trunk line that runs directly in front of Markley Place. We definitely do not want to disturb this utility.

During the next couple of weeks, our site work will include soil nailing of the earth at our deepest cut(approximately 18 feet) near the street and installing aggregate piers around the perimeter of our build for foundation support. Soil nailing is an earth stabilization method using tension-resisting steel nails. When the process begins we will be sure to send some pictures to help explain. Aggregate Piers are a system that uses compacted aggregate stone to create stiff footings. The installation process structurally modifies the soil surrounding the footing to achieve an extremely strong and stable foundation for our building.

Well, this is all very exciting! We will keep you posted! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2017 Updates!

  • Site Development Building Site Permit has been received.
  • Doerre Construction awarded as General Contractor to build Markley Place.
  • Existing building has been removed and tower crane will be installed to erect building.
  • Over 400K reclaimed brick were harvested from a 100+ year old manufacturing plant in St. Louis, MO; being delivered to outside location for storage awaiting installation.
  • Nineteen (19) Under Contract + one (1) Reserved.